Results Matter

Leadership is about results. Leaders’ aspire to positions and places of influence so that they can produce results. Results leave a legacy of admiration and achievement. The best leaders’ produce the best results in both their organizations and in the people that they influence.

Unfortunately it easy for some leaders to be satisfied for progress over results. Weak leaders’ falsely believe that as long as they are making motion, they are making progress. Progress is not enough. Results are what matters.

Business Results That Make a Difference:
In 2006, The Business Roundtable studied the performance of 350 mid-sized American leadership companies from 1995-2005. In comparison, long-term C12 Group members, with annual sales ranging from $2 to $800 million, outperformed this group by growing their topline revenue and bottom-line profits more than three times faster.

Another study in 2014 revealed that 79% of C12 Group members outperformed their peers during the time frame from 2008 through 2013. That same study further highlighted that only 1% of C12 members from across the country reported that they had underperformed their peers during that same period of time.

Why CEO Who Join a CEO Mastermind Group Produce Results.

1. CEOs’ Who Produce Great Results Welcome Accountability to help them get things done.
Smart leaders’ ask themselves the question, who holds me accountable? Unfortunately in most organizations the leader is never held accountable to do the tasks and responsibilities that they are suppose to get done. That is why the leaders’ top responsibility is to place first things first and then have an accountability board that will help them to keep first things first.

Coaching Question: Do you utilize accountability in your leadership?

2. CEOs’ Who Produce Great Results Listen to and Learn Best Ideas from Their Peers.
The best ideas can come from a variety of sources. Sometimes those ideas can come from other industries and other peers. These ideas can help the leader to achieve breakthroughs in their life and business. The wise Albert Einstein reminded us that, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” When we get around other thinkers they help us to think at a higher and different level. Wise leaders’ learn to think differently through listening to different ideas and exploring different experiences.

Coaching Question: Who do you talk with to get a different perspective?

3. CEOs’ Who Produce Great Results Practice Asking Great Questions.
Great leaders’ ask great questions. They don’t make decisions in isolation. They listen to the advice and the counsel of others. They seize the opportunity of using the best brains in the room to think and respond to their ideas and their decisions. In many CEO roundtable settings there are as many as 350 business years represented around the table. These are valuable years of experience of both successes and failures. In short, they should be listened to and explored.

Coaching Question: If you could ask one question to a group of CEOs’ or business owners, what one question would you ask them?

4. CEOs’ Who Produce Great Results Focus Their Energy On The Right Actions.
The power to pause and set strategy is a key for producing results in leadership. The practice of setting aside one day per month to develop a strategy plan for the most important leadership actions to take during the next month is an essential practice. Great leaders’ focus their energy on the right actions.

Coaching Question: What are you most essential actions or tasks do you need to focus your energy this month to ensure that you will produce results?

Are you producing great results? Are you outperforming your peers? If you are not producing the right results then you should make a change. One key change that should be considered is to join a CEO peer advisory board. This is the change that many CEOs’ have found that makes the biggest difference in their business. Listen to one C12 member talking about the difference that the C12 Group is making in his life and business.

If you would like to find out more about how to join the C12 Group go to

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