Leadership Lessons from the Life of Justice Anthony Scalia

It has been reported that Justice Anthony Scalia passed away today in his sleep. Justice Scalia was well respected and was known to be an excellent legal scholar. Our thoughts and prayers are with Justice Scalia’s family during this time of grief.

Justice Scalia was known a conservative judge. However, he was respected by people from both sides of the aisle. He was a leader and his leadership can be instructive of all leaders. During this day as we mourn his loss, let us reflect on his life and remember the lessons that he taught us.

Leadership Lessons from the Life of Justice Scalia:
1. There are some battles worth fighting for.
Justice Scalia was appointed by President Reagan in 1986. He was the longest serving judge on the Supreme Court. Justice Scalia was known to be the leading conservative on the Court. During his tenure he fought many battles. He won some and lost many others. However, one of the reasons that he was loved by the conservatives was because he continued to fight battles even when his ideas were not popular or even when he knew that he would lose the fight. Here is the leadership lesson. There are some battles that are worth the leaders fight. There are some battles that need to be fought. In fact, every leader should believe that their biggest battles are yet ahead of them.

2. It is okay to be the only dissenting opinion.
Justice Scalia was known because of his dissenting opinions. He was a man that was not afraid to stand alone. He could clearly communicate his ideas, thoughts, and opinions. He was not afraid to forge a path alone. Sometimes leaders have to stand on their own. They have to be the only dissenting opinion in the room. This takes courage, but this characteristic is what makes a leader worth following.

3. Even in our disagreements we can still be agreeable.
One of the characteristics that made Justice Scalia so well respected was how he disagreed. It was widely known that he was deep personal friends with some of the most liberal judges on the court. He fought his battles and disagreed vehemently. But once the battle was fought he used his warm and friendly personality to communicate his message. He was not afraid to be friendly. Every leader needs to be agreeable. Every leader needs to work on their agreeableness.

Justice Scalia will be missed. His opinions and thoughts made our country stronger and challenged everyone to think deeper. He was a strong leader and in his life and work he left us with a few key leadership principles that every leader would be wise to follow. #Scalia

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