Statements Every CEO Should Make – I See Myself as Responsible for the Employees

Many CEOs and executives understand that they are responsible for the success of the organization. However, that is only part of the equation. Exceptional CEOs and leaders know that they are also responsible for the team that is under their care.

Leaders have followers. The followers look to the leader for direction, guidance, and support. Therefore, it is essential that every leader adds to their vocabulary this important sentence. A statement that every CEO should make is, “I see myself as responsible to the employees.”

Four Areas Where CEOs Are Responsible To Thier Employees

1. Every CEO is Responsible for their Employees Belief.
Great companies have great beliefs. Great companies believe that they can change the world through their products and services. They inspire employees to give their best effort and their best thinking to produce amazing results. CEOs need to become the Chief Belief Officer of the organization. They need to inspire the belief of their team through casting a vision that their employees can get excited about following.

Coaching Question: What have you done to engendered your employee’s belief?

2. Every CEO is Responsible for their Employees Balance.
Workers that are highly invested in the organization may have the tendency to have difficulty balancing work and life. It is the responsibility of every leader to ensure that the team under their care has a successful work life balance. Leaders need to understand and embrace the truth that more work is not necessarily better work. Time off and a balanced life will produce better results.

Coaching Question: Do you monitor the days off and vacation time of your employees?

3. Every CEO is Responsible for their Employees Behaviors.
The CEO sets the tone and the model of the organization. One of the most important roles of the CEO is to define core values and behaviors of the organization. These values must be crystal clear and widely practiced. These values must be repeated consistently and frequently for them to be followed and embraced.

Coaching Question: As the leader of your organization have you enacted a core set of principles that your employees have embraced?

4. Every CEO is Responsible for their Employees Benefits.
CEOs are responsible for putting together employee packages that can help their employees make a decent living. An excellent benefits package can be a differentiator in finding and retaining great talent for the company. Great businesses and CEOs take the additional step to survey employees to find out what their employees want and are currently using.

Coaching Question: Do you know which benefits your employees enjoy and rely on the most?

Every CEO must see themselves as responsible to the employees. In the new economy, the days of the CEO only looking to the interest of the company is over. The company’s interest is the employee’s interest, and the employees interest is the company’s interest. The leader must be responsible for every component of the organization, and that includes every employee in the organization.

statements every ceo should make - i am responsible

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