The Do’s of an Intern

Many college students are preparing to participate in an internship this summer. I loved my experiences as an intern and have employees many interns through my years in business.  The summer of my internship was a defining moment in my life as I put to practice that information that I was learning in the classroom. It is extremely important that both companies and interns prepare correctly for the internship in order for it to be successful.

There is more to a good internship than just what the company or executive does or does not do with the intern. The intern also has a heavy responsibility to uphold their part of this special relationship. I would like to suggest some guidelines for the intern to think about.

Things to Do:

1. Do prepare yourself well before you arrive at the company. Find out what responsibilities you will have during the internship.  Research the company and find out as much as you can about the organization before you arrive.

2. Do support your field supervisor to the people.

3. Do represent and support your college well.

4. Do keep a notebook to capture thoughts and leadership lessons.  The lessons you will learn during your internship can provide valuable insight into your professional career. Do keep a journal of high points and difficulties you face during the internship.

5.  Do find out why the organization wanted an intern. Make it easy for other interns to follow you.

6. Do help out around the office.   Ask for tasks and try to develop as many skills as you can during your internship.

7. Do inform your supervisor of your schedule to the best of your ability.  Keep them informed of all the tasks you are working on and where others in the organization have asked for your help.

8. Do get to know as many people in the organization as you can.

9. Do learn all you can from the supervisor and company’s leadership. Ask them how to improve yourself.

10. Do have a good attitude. Remember that you are only going to be at the company a short time.

11. Do graciously accept all criticisms, tips, and advice given.

12. Do leave a good impression so that the company might want to hire you after you graduate.

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