4.5 Steps on How to Build Great Teams

Haven’t you ever wished that you had a super team around you?

Entrepreneurs and CEOs are self-starters and often rugged individualist. However, every business owner or business leader understands the value of a great team. It is only when the team grows that that organization grows. In fact, when the team gets better the organization gets better. Therefore, it is essentials that every leader focuses on how to build a great team.

Andrew Carnegie once quipped that “No man will make a great leader who wants to do it all himself or get all the credit for doing it.” In fact, the man or woman that wants to do it all himself will never build a great company or organization. In today’s economy and new business reality, great businesses are built on and by great teams.

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4.5 Steps on How To Build a Great Team:

1. Attraction:

One of the most overlooked ways to build a great team is through attracting great people to your organization. John Wooden would often say, “The Team with the most talent usually wins.” When an organization is clear about their values and the purpose the organization, they can attract the best people to the organization. The great talent magnet Richard Branson has stated, “Create the kind of workplace and company culture that will attract great talent. If you hire brilliant people, they will make work feel more like play.”


Breakthrough Question: How would you and your team answer the question, why would the best talent want to work for this organization?

2. Alignment:

Effective teams know how to utilize the strengths of all of the teammates. Leaders who wish to build super teams discover and multiple each person’s abilities. When teams align according to strengths and abilities they are positioned for success.

Breakthrough Question: Can I name the top three strengths of each one of my key team members?

3. Affirmation:

Super teams are built through inspiration and encouragement. One critical mistake that many leaders often make is not encouraging and affirming their team. Dale Carnegie urged leaders to “Let us praise even the slightest improvement. That inspires the other person to keep on improving.”

Breakthrough Question: What is the slightest team improvement have you praised recently?

4. Accountability:

Akin to affirmation, super teams need accountability. The best teams inspire each other to a higher level of performance. Christine Comaford states in her excellent book “Smart Tribes” that accountability is essential to the success of any team. She goes on to state, “Accountability starts at the top, and this is where many companies struggle. When the leader takes responsibility for unspoken expectations, team members will fall right into line to mirror their boss. The flip side is true too – in low-accountability cultures, we see that the trouble begins at the top. The team is simply modeling the low accountability that the executive team is displaying.”

Breakthrough Question: Do you hold your teams accountable for both their actions and their results?

4.5. Celebration:

Super teams celebrate together. They rejoice over accomplishments and highlight team and team members achievements. No breakthrough is too small to celebrate for effective teams. Teams celebrations lead to inspiration which results in motivation.

Team celebrations lead to inspiration which results in motivation.

Breakthrough Question: What was the last celebration you had with your team?

Another iconic CEO would often remind his team, “Individuals don’t win, teams do.” This statement was the motto that Sam Walton would highlight to remind his team of the importance of working together. Sam Walton, Andrew Carnegie, Richard Branson, and every other successful leader understands the fundamental principle that great leaders focus on building great teams.

teams - sam walton

Ken Gosnell is the CEO of the C12 Group of Maryland. He works with Christian CEOs to help them build great teams which will help them build a great business for a greater purpose. Find out more at http://www.c12group.com or reach out to Ken at ken.gosnell@c12group.com

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