Trust God’s Path and Plan – Biblical Principles to Build a Business

Business leaders often wonder where they can find the best business advice and counsel in order to build their business. Although good business counsel can be found in a plethora of books, there is only one book that contains all of the best business secrets that business leaders need to know to build a successful business and life. That sacred book is the Bible. I have studied the Bible for years and have often read the words for encouragement, consolation, improvement, and inspiration. I have also found that it contains the best principles in order to build a successful business.

Biblical Principles to Build a Successful Business.

A principle that has shaped many businesses and business leaders is Proverbs 3:5,6. Leaders in businesses are called upon to make many decisions. A leader must set the direction and the path of a business to ensure it’s growth and development. In business the opportunities are endless. Leaders must know their core and where to find the inspiration for their vision and their decisions. For Christian leader’s this wisdom is found in the book of Proverbs. Proverbs states, “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths.”

Trust is essential in business. Customers must trust the product. The leader must trust their people. Teams must trust each other and wise business owner will trust the Lord.

4 Areas Trust God Everyday in Business:

1. Business Owners Need To Trust God’s Plan

Every Christian business owner knows that God has a plan for their life and their business. Sometimes that plan can be challenging to understand. However, the Christian business should never doubt that God has a reason for every situation and issue that is faced in business. LaToya Harris writes about including God in your business plan. She writes “If you’re writing a business plan, you may have certain ideas about how to go about making your business a success, but remember the Lord knows best. He can steer us in the right direction, and help us avoid unnecessary mistakes and trials. By including Him, you can ensure that your vision for your business lines up with His vision and Word.”

Experience Question: When in business have you trusted in God’s plan even when it did not make sense?

2. Business Owners Need to Trust God’s Principles

God’s options are always good options. God’s principles are always prudent principles.Business leaders who lead businesses with integrity understand and apply all of God’s principles in all parts of the business. Author A.W. Tozer wrote, “It’s not my business to try and make God think like me…but to try, in prayer and penitence, to think like God.” God’s principles have been proven to work. In fact, every successful business in some way applies some biblical principles even if they don’t understand that the principles that they practice come from the Bible.

Experience Question: What are the most important principles that you practice in your business?

3. Business Owners Need to Trust God’s Provision

Christian business owners believe that God’s owns their business. They understand that everything that they have comes from the hand of God. Therefore there is a great release. These business owners no longer carry the burden of having to do all things in business, but rather they can just become stewards of the business. These leaders can trust that God knows everything that is needed for the business and every day they can turn and ask God to provide just what is needed for that day.

Experience Question: Do you trust that God can give you everything you need in order to succeed in the business?

4. Business Owners Need to Trust God’s Protection

There is much to worry about in running a business. Fear can be the most dominant factor that drives the business leader. Solomon reminds us in this proverb that the leader can trust God to direct and guide their steps in even the most difficult decisions and situations. Christian business leaders can rest assured that God does want to protect the business that is built to honor Him.

Experience Question: What does it mean to you that you can trust God’s protection in every trial and issue that you face in your business?

Trust can be difficult the business leader or owner. In business, it is hard to know who and what to trust. I am grateful that in the midst of a shifting season in life and in the world there are some consistencies in life. It is always wise to “trust in the Lord and lean not on our own understanding.” When a leader trusts the right principles and the right people then the possibilities become limitless in all that business can achieve and accomplish.


Ken Gosnell is the “go” leader. He serves leaders by helping them to have great experiences that both transform them and their organizations that enable to go further faster. He has worked with hundreds of CEOS and their leadership teams to enhance their strategic, operational and people accomplishments. He is an author, coach, and strategic partner with CEOs. He is married to Shonda, and they have four children. You can connect with him at

He has also created the CEO Experience Impact Assessment. This assessment helps leaders learn the areas of their leader that they must improve to go forward. Get your score by taking the assessment here.

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