Find Reliable People – Biblical Principles for Building a Business

Business leaders often wonder where they can find the best business advice and counsel in order to build their business. Although good business counsel can be found in a plethora of books, there is only one book that contains all of the best business secrets that business leaders need to know to build a successful business and life. That sacred book is the Bible. I have studied the Bible for years and have often read the words for encouragement, consolation, improvement, and inspiration. I have also found that it contains the best principles in order to build a successful business.

Biblical Principles to Build a Successful Business

A principle that has shaped many businesses and business leaders 2 Timothy 2:2. People can either make or break a business. Finding the right kind of people to add to an organization is essential to the success of the organization. Paul gives some amazing wisdom to his young mentee when he states in 2 Timothy 2:2, “And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.” This key principle is helpful in identifying key talent and building the right kind of culture to grow a successful business. The word in this verse should be considered as a reference to mankind as every company needs both reliable and faithful men and women in order to be successful.

Building a Great Culture Through Finding Right Talent

1. To Build a Great Company Culture the Organization Must Find Trusted People

The first key to building a great company culture is to add to the culture, the right kind of people. The first characteristic that companies should review in their hiring process is finding people of character. Competencies can be taught, but the character is the essence of who the person is at their core. The core of many people never change. That is why is it essential to hire high character people. Every organization should develop hiring questions that seek to understand how trustworthy a person is and how they make decisions.

Experience Question: What questions have you developed to review the character of the people you are considering adding to your team?

2. To Build a Great Company Culture the Organization Must Find Reliable People

My first supervisor was famous for telling his team that the best ability is reliability. Duke Tobin, an NFL executive, likes to remind his players “The best ability is reliability. And if it’s not reliability, its availability.” What is true for successful football teams is also true for successful workplaces. Reliability is one of the most important keys to great teammates. in an article entitled “20 Top Qualities that Determine A Great Employee” highlight the trait of Reliability with these comments “Following instructions shows that the employee takes his responsibilities seriously and is capable of shouldering additional responsibility. Reliable also means showing up for work on time, informing the concerned authorities when he cannot make it, and keeping to deadlines. A dependable worker has a greater likelihood of remaining on the payroll.”

Experience Question: Who on your team would you rate as your most reliable people? What makes them stand out in this area?

3. To Build a Great Company Culture the Organization Must Find Qualified People

As our people get better, our companies get better. To get better as an organization, the company must find better people. Once the company finds good people, they must invest in developing and training those people. That process will help a company ensure that they will grow as an organization because they are developing the best people. Leaders and teams that focus on growth will help companies grow.

Leaders and teams that focus on growth will help companies grow. Ken Gosnell

Experience Question: In what ways have you helped your team become more qualified in past twelve months?

4. To Build a Great Company Culture the Organization Must Find Teachable People

Teachability is an essential characteristic of growing companies and growing leaders. Vernon Howard said, “Be teachable, That is the whole secret.” Legendary coach John Wooden said, “It is what you learn after you know it all that counts.” When a person has a teachable spirit, they have endless opportunities to improve themselves and improve their organization. Wise organizations focus on hiring and rewarding people who have a teachable spirit.

Experience Question: What key areas do you need to push your people to improve themselves in order for your organization to grow?

A key action of growing and developing company is finding the best people. Growing companies grow people. Smart businesses focus on finding and retaining the best talent. When companies miss on this crucial principle, everything suffers. Therefore this principle is a key biblical principle that needs to be practiced in every business, but especially every Christian business.


Ken Gosnell is the “go” leader. He serves leaders by helping them to have great experiences that both transform them and their organizations that enable to go further faster. He has worked with hundreds of CEOS and their leadership teams to enhance their strategic, operational and people accomplishments. He is an author, coach, and strategic partner with CEOs. He is married to Shonda, and they have four children. You can connect with him at

He has also created the CEO Experience Impact Assessment. This assessment helps leaders learn the areas of their leader that they must improve to go forward. Get your score by taking the assessment here.

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